About Me

After 20 years as a college professor of writing, grammar, and literature, I became a professional editor in 1994.

My own writing and publishing experience has enabled me to understand much more fully the issues of the writers I edit for and coach. I have self-published eight books (two self-help books, four novels, a memoir that was a finalist for the prestigious Oregon Book Award, and a book of pandemic poetry), and I have traditionally published two novels with Skyhorse/Perseus in New York. I am knowledgeable about industry trends and the challenges of marketing our books to success.

I have a deep faith in the creative abilities of all of us and a firm belief that self-expression in whatever form it takes is of great value in the world today. It is part of my life purpose to encourage that creative spark in everyone I meet.

I also paint and the paintings on this website are mine. Visit www.jillkellycreative.com to learn more.