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Fiction and Memoir Editing

Is this you?

  • You’ve taken your book manuscript as far as you can by yourself.
  • You plan to look for an agent and a publisher and know that sending off a clean manuscript will seriously improve your chances of consideration.
  • You plan to self-publish and want to put out a terrific book that can sell well.

What I can do for you:

Developmental editing

  • Use my experience as a novelist, memoirist, and teacher of writing to help you resolve any difficulties with character, plot, dialog, or description.
  • Discuss any genre issues with you.
  • Make suggestions that can help your book be terrific.

Text editing

  • Correct any errors in grammar, punctuation, or standard usage.
  • Explain grammar and style issues simply and clearly so you can become a better writer.
  • Provide stylistic suggestions that can make your writing clearer and effective. I am very respectful of the voice of my clients; my job is to make your writing the best it can be.

Coaching to completion and publication

  • Help you organize your project and keep you moving forward toward completion.
  • Share my experiences in traditional and self-publishing to improve your chances for success.
  • Help you find the right book designer and cover designer for your self-published book.

Jill has given me invaluable feedback on my fiction. Our conversations about plot, characterization, and structure were extremely helpful and her eye for detail in editing is fabulous.

—Diane L. Sorensen, author, A Woman of Some Importance

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